Hurt Me – Poem

A poem written by Sheii Whowrites
A poem written by Sheii Whowrites

My first short story

My first short story, ‘Inside These Walls’, was inspired by a news paper article.  I was intrigued to read about several prison officers falling pregnant by inmates.  A further discussion with two friends led to the completion of ‘Inside These Walls’, which was written in two days on London Transport and in my personal space.  Enjoy this snippet

‘Cheryl placed her soft fingers into his locs, gliding them along his scalp as she used her long finger nails to part his hair.  A wave of energy passed through his body like an electrical current, causing him to shudder and grow hard instantaneously.  He looked up into Cheryl’s finely kohl painted eyes like a child confirming permission from a parent.  Her hazel colored irises complimenting her chocolate Brown skin and her big, succulent, sultry lips glistening with a hint of clear gloss was arousing him exponentially.  Cheryl opened her legs slightly, wide enough for him to glimpse her short shaven pussy, undressed, no knickers.

“I can help you with that” she said.

A wide smile swept across his face and his eyes lit up at the site of feminine power there greeting him.

“Take what you need to feel better” she said as she stood up in front of him.

Devante, almost hypnotic, got down on his knees and slid his hands up her silky smooth legs whilst raising her dress above her hips.  “Hmmmm, damn!” he whispered aloud.  “Baby, you look good”.  Holding on to her big round firm arse he moved his mouth close to her pussy and she quivered as she felt the warm air of his breath rush over the fine Black curly hairs.

Sheii Whowrites x


A little bit more about Sheii

Sheii woke up one morning three years ago with a saucy love story in mind and an excitement to release the words and put pen to paper. Having written the material and resting back with a small smile, I was hooked. I wanted to write more of this juicy stuff that just happened to appear in my head miraculously. It came as a surprise because prior to this new awakening, I would consider myself a little reserved and in serious need of permission to become more free with sexual expression. This blog is the space I have given myself permission to share my love of juicy words and stories with you. Enjoy

Sheii x